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A very basic introduction to BFD's interface and features, see how easy it is to get started with BFD. You need the free shockwave plug-in to view.

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BFD1 is no longer available and is a legacy product. It has been replaced by BFD2.

BFD delivers the power of an 18-piece customisable drumkit directly into your DAW as multi-channel high quality 24 bit audio.

Multiple microphones capture focused direct signals and lush room ambience, while up to 46 velocity layers and varied articulations contribute to BFD's richly detailed realism. The audio is lovingly recorded at California's Eldorado studios, with an assortment of premium quality mics, preamps and converters.

The intuitive software interface, provided in virtually all plugin formats and as a standalone application, allows you to mix between the various mic channels and adjust the dynamics of the performance in real time, as well as tweak, tune and dampen the kits for infinite variety. Mix and match drums, cymbals and hihats to your heart's content, and separately bus out the mic channels
A fully equipped drum studio in the box!
to your mixing environment for processing. BFD's sophisticated Groove engine even delivers convincing, humanized drumming performances on demand, synchronised to your song tempo.

BFD lets you forget the hassle of hiring an arsenal of high quality kits, a high-end recording studio, a drummer, a drum-tech and an engineer, leaving you free to get on with writing and mixing great-sounding drums!

Premium quality 9 GB sample library
Multiple mic positions and varied, expressive articulations
Create custom 18-piece kits in seconds
Freely mix mic channels and route them to any available output
Damping, tuning and velocity response adjustment
Plug-in integration with major sequencing environments and MIDI drum triggers
Large, realistic MIDI Groove library with advanced real-time humanization
Expandable with add-on packs for even more detail and variety
Provided as VST, RTAS, AU, DXi and a standalone application, for MacOSX and Windows.
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