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Raine McCormack
Kamaloca is a studio based band created by Producer/Engineer Raine McCormack. Raine writes, performs and produces all the material and then takes Kamaloca out to the public with help from other players.

Born in the West Midlands, Raine moved to Cornwall to follow a love of surfing and at the same time developed his other passion, music. After a couple of years of surfing, singing in bands and learning to play the guitar whilst sat on the beach, Raine decided another move was in order to further his music career. Brighton was the next stop seeing Raine once again singing and playing guitar in a three piece rock outfit whilst also becoming a qualified sound engineer. He started to mature his studio skills and unfold the producer within. Through creative growth, Raine developed his own style of rock and the demos soon began; and these demos became Kamaloca. Raine is currently developing Kamaloca�s first album as well as working as a Producer/Engineer around London. A further development is New Wing, Raine�s new label which will be launched later this year.

FX - How did you first get interested in making music and what has led you to where you are today?

RM - I've always loved music since I can remember. It felt like a natural
'BFD - The quality is fantastic and it works seamlessly in my system'

transition as a teenager to begin creating it. I started out on bass then went to guitar then started singing then to drumming. Like so many other artists bad studio experiences led me to wanting to have more control over the mix element of the process. From there the learning curve began which leads me to where I am today engineering, producing and performing both my own material and other artists.

FX - What are you currently working on?

RM - I am currently working on Kamaloca's first album along with setting up my record label and engineering for others. I also have my eyes on a couple of artists I wish to develop.

FX - What was your first experience with music software?

RM - My first experience was with Pro Tools when I got my first PowerBook to record myself that was a great move.

FX - What FXpansion products do you own and how do you use them, are there any engineering techniques that you find you use all the time?

RM - I own BFD and use it regularly for creating main drum parts for my own material and at times for other artists. Using it with a Roland TD-20 Kit is excellent. The quality is fantastic and it works seamlessly in my system. I find the best engineering technique I use is my ears. I try to stick to the learn it then forget it theory with engineering it seems to keep the creativity going as every project is so different.

FX - How important is software in your setup?

RM - Software plays a vital part in my creative process it�s enabled me to take control of my creativity and get down all those vital ideas quickly without the need for expensive studio costs etc.

FX - What software developments would you like to see in the future?

RM - Anything that is simple to operate gets my thumbs up. So many plugins seem over complicated with loads of parameters.

FX - What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

RM - I have come to realize that planning out a year is possibly the most unrealistic action to take in the music industry and in life in general. Playing live with my act and exhibiting my film/music work is a must for 2007. I have many goals and I am working towards them I guess you could say i'll be going with the flow.
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