Geist: next-generation sampling drum machine

Sample, slice, sequence, mix, arrange, effect, resample, repeat!

Geist is a next-generation sampling drum machine designed to create evolved beats and grooves, freeing you from the limits of pre-packaged loops and over-complicated DAWs.

Geist fuses creative sample-sculpting tools with fast pattern step-sequencing and arrangement. Browse through sounds with lightning speed; slice loops to pads with a single click; sample, resample and build beats in a slick unified environment. Geist makes fiddly tasks with multiple apps a thing of the past.

Supplied as a plugin and a standalone application, Geist is perfect for the studio or on the move. Export loops from the standalone version or load sessions back into the plugin to resample, reslice, remix, rearrange and transform your sounds even further. Geist is a complete rhythm production environment, primed to streamline your workflow and reawaken your love of making beats.

Availability & Pricing

Geist is available as a download-only product from the FXpansion web shop!
Pricing is $249.00, €189.00, £165.00 inc VAT
Crossgrade offer for registered FXpansion GURU customers: $125.00, €95.00, £83.00 inc VAT
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