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DCAM: Synth Squad Artist Presets Volume 2!
A collection of over 150 brand new presets custom-designed by our roster of featured artists. Also included in this preset pack are a set of Fusor patches from our own Recreations video! Artist Presets Volume 2 is available to all registered DCAM: Synth Squad users from the download section of your account.
Brookes Brothers

The Brookes Brothers have emerged as one of the major breakthrough drum&bass artists of...

A great set of Strobe patches covering many styles.
FXpansion's favourite: PD Bright Sky Pad - A wonderful bright polyphonic pad reminiscent of early poly synths.

Michael Cordedda, AKA Shirobon...Started out at 15 when he discovered a love for chiptunes

Unique patches for Cypher, Fusor and Strobe. FXpansion's favourite: Cypher/AR Arp From The Heavens- Absolutely gorgeous arpeggio. Remember to start the transport in Fusor!
William A

I just want to make music that is just as good as the music that has inspired me...

A selection of bass and lead patches for Strobe. FXpansion's favourite: LD TV Pulse- Because it made us want to write chip tunes!


Sab Cannone ( Sound Designer/Engineer ) is the mind behind MoReVoX...

A varied collection of patches for all three synths. FXpansion's favourite: Cypher/KB MelliX- A beautifully degraded pad/lead sound. Drench in reverb and enjoy!
Martin Roth

Three times Beatport nominated 2009 (best production, best producer, best remix) ...

A collection of simple but useful Strobe dance patches. FXpansion's favourite: CH Analog 5th Chord- A lovely chord stab. Would cut through a mix well.

The sounddesigner behind the soundlabel CFA-Sound, which is well-known for minimal, house & trance focused sounds and samples....

A large selection of dance orientated Fusor patches. FXpansion's favourite: PD Filterworx1- A great modern sounding digital pad.
Mr. Sofalumpkins

In this carnival of sound we will frolic with fierce abandon....
A powerful collection of Cypher patches suitable for harder dance tunes. FXpansion's favourite: BA Deluxe Reese - For every drum and bass fan out there. Makes great use of Cypher's beat detune function.

What happens when you take an accomplished dancer who's musically trained and a...

A varied collection of Strobe patches, ranging from vintage to modern. FXpansion's favourite: BA Black Tokyo Bass 1 A gorgeous vintage sounding bass/lead.
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