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BFD Jazz & Funk is now available as a download-only product.

BFD Jazz & Funk Collection is an expansion pack for FXpansionís BFD2, BFD Eco and BFD Eco DV acoustic drum software. Recorded by a new engineering and production team in a dry, intimate sounding room at Omega Studios, Maryland, USA, its sounds offer a whole spectrum of fresh flavours for your productions.

Centred around 3 exquisitely recorded kits and a wide range of hyper-detailed extras, most of the instruments in the collection are provided in stick and brushed versions, with selected pieces also played with mallets, rods and even hands! A wide range of controlled, dynamic articulations are featured.

The versatility of the precision instruments in BFD Jazz & Funk Collection mean that itís perfect for jazz, funk, pop, soul, hip-hop, R&B, blues, country, fusion, folk, rock and far beyond.

Availability & Pricing

BFD Jazz & Funk is available as a download-only product from the FXpansion web shop!
Pricing is USD $149.00, EUR Ä109.00, GBP £95.00 inc VAT for all registered BFD2 and BFD Eco owners
Expansion pack for BFD2, BFD Eco and BFD Eco DV
55 GB of pure, detailed drums recorded in a new environment
Crisp sounds with a dry, musical character
3 complete kits, hyper-detailed hihats and large, varied selection of cymbals
Brushed toms, cymbals, snares and hihats
Selected instruments also played with mallets, rods and hands
Expressive articulations and creative possibilities

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