BFD Dunnett Ti

BFD Dunnett Ti is an expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 featuring a full set of hand-made prototype titanium drums from master drum-builder Ronn Dunnett. With shells made from solid titanium, the Dunnett Ti kit is one of the most advanced all-metal drumkits ever created and highly sought-after by elite studios and drummers.

BFD Dunnett Ti provides 2 kicks and 5 toms alongside a Dunnett snare and a full set of cymbals. The sounds include a special Amb3 mic channel of the kit fed through a Sovtek Mig 60 tube guitar amp and Marshall 4x12 cab (mic'd with Royer 122 ribbons in a Blumlein configuration).

BFD Dunnett Ti is recorded in the same room and studio conditions as the BFD Jazz & Funk, BFD JEX, BFD Heavy and BFD Percussion expansions. It has also been designed to sound great with BFD libraries recorded in other locations.

Availability & Pricing
BFD Dunnett Ti is a download-only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop!

Pricing is $70.00, €55.00, £49.00 inc VAT
Expansion pack for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2
Complete titanium-shell drum kit
2 kicks (each played with felt/wood beaters)
5 toms and full-detail snare
Amb3 'amp' channel when used in BFD3 or BFD2
Hihat and cymbals included
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