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Using the VST to RTAS Adapter 2

Using the VST to RTAS Adapter 2

I have VST-RTAS v2.0 - how do I get v2.1? [top]

The VST to RTAS v2.1 update is available as a download from the registered user area of our site. If you have not yet registered your serial number, you will need to do so in order to download the update.

I bought VST to RTAS Adapter 2 in a store or via mail order, and the disk appears to be blank [top]

Due to a manufacturing error, a small number of VST to RTAS Adapter disks appear blank on some Windows XP systems. Simply register your serial number on this site, and you can download a working copy and manual.

Click here to create an account and register your VST to RTAS Adapter serial number.

Are there any known compatibility issues? [top]

Mac OSX 10.5.x

- Adapter preferences are not saved correctly - the adapter still functions however and wrapped plugins can still be used.
- The buttons for loading and saving VST presets underneath the plugin interface are blanked out. The buttons do work, but they aren't visible.

Mac & Windows

- VST2.4 (or above) plugins are NOT supported. They may work in some cases but they are not officially supported.

I have a plugin which comes with an RTAS version but it isn't working properly. Can I buy the VST-RTAS Adapter in order to use it successfully as an RTAS plugin? [top]

You are welcome to do so, and the adapter will often run better than the manufacturer's own RTAS version.

However, we do not provide any support any plugin in such circumstances, and there will be no possibility of a refund if it doesn't work as you wish.

Which versions of Pro Tools does VST-RTAS v2.1 support? [top]

  • Pro Tools 7.x, 8.x including LE, M-Powered and TDM/HD versions
  • Pro Tools 9 and 10 including Native and HD versions

I own VST-RTAS v1, and want to upgrade. What's the deal? [top]

VST-RTAS v1 users can upgrade for $49.00. Please enter your VST-RTAS v1 Serial number on the registration page to upgrade to v2.1.

I still use Pro Tools 6.x. Is VST-RTAS v1 still available? [top]

v1.x is included as a legacy version for Pro Tools 6.x and is available from the download area. Please note that the serial number for v1.x is shown in the release notes (pop-up window after clicking the Windows or Mac download).

Does VST-RTAS v2.1 support Universal Binaries? [top]

Yes. However, if you have a MacIntel computer (MacBook, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Intel iMac and Mini), you will need Universal Binary versions of any VSTs you wish to wrap, as well as a Universal Binary version of Pro Tools.

What's so great about VST plug-ins, anyway? [top]

VST is a largely open plug-in standard, and as a result there are
literally thousands of diverse and individual VST plug-ins available,
many of them free or extremely cheap. The VST plug-in world is in some
ways like the guitar-pedal or DIY audio electronics scenes:- there are
all kinds of things out there, some of them very good and incredible
value, some less so. Download a few from the KvR web site at
[link] and take them for a spin.

Can I use PC plug-ins on a Mac, or vice versa? [top]

No. Mac VSTs work on a Mac, PC VSTs on a PC.

Can I use Mac OS 9 ("Classic") plug-ins? [top]

No. Mac OS X VST and Mac OS 9 VST are different formats, and will not

Will FXpansion ever make an RTAS to VST wrapper (for using RTAS
plug-ins in Cubase, etc.)

No. Such a wrapper is impossible for both technical and legal reasons.

What about an AU to RTAS wrapper (for using AU plug-ins in Pro Tools

Probably not. Virtually every interesting AU plug-in is also available
as VST.

Does VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1 support automation? [top]


Does VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1 work with VST Instruments? [top]


Does VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1 support Pro Tools 7's RTAS Optimizations? [top]


How much CPU does it use? [top]

The adapters themselves use so little CPU as to be immeasurable - it
will run on any Mac capable of running OS X, and any PC capable of
running Windows XP - but the VST plug-ins may use a significant amount -
it varies greatly from plug-in to plug-in. Note that VST plug-ins use up
more CPU power at higher sample rates:- we suggest working at 44.1 or
48KHz if you wish to use large numbers of VSTs, especially on older and
slower computers.

Does it work with DSP boards like Universal Audio UAD-1 and TC
Electronics Powercore?


What's the audio performance like? [top]

The adapter itself has no impact on your audio signal. VSTs themselves
vary widely in quality.

Does it add any latency? [top]

Not of itself - it's the same as regular RTAS plug-ins in that regard.

Certain VST plug-ins, especially those running on DSP cards, do add
latency. Pro Tools TDM/HD automatically compensates for this latency
("Automatic PDC"); Pro Tools LE and M-Powered do not. However, you can
easily view the total latency in the Pro Tools mixer and compensate for
it manually.

Where can I get some cool VSTs? [top]

Try the KvR web site at, which is an excellent repository of information related to VST plugins (as well as other plugin formats).

Does the adapter support multiple input channels? [top]

The adapter currently takes the first stereo input, and ignores the rest.

Do you allow license transfers? [top]

Yes, however:

  1. If you're the seller, you must contact us in advance of the sale. If you're the prospective second-hand buyer, you must check that the seller is cleared to sell. If in doubt, contact us.

  2. There is a flat $50 fee per product for a license transfer, which can be purchased from our online shop.

  3. Review copies, NFRs (Not For Resale copies, sometimes used for in-store demos), etc., cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

  4. We reserve the right to refuse a license transfer request.

Once a transfer is authorised and the fee has been paid, the new owner is entitled to exactly the same upgrade paths and technical support resources as if they had bought the product new.

Why is the License Transfer fee so high in relation to the cost of the product? [top]

Our License Transfer fee is a set amount due to the very real costs of providing product support in the form of responsive technical support, bugfixes and new features, to the customers who buy our products. Product support is something we take extremely seriously, and is one of the reasons our products stand out amongst the competition.

We are happy to provide a transfer service for most of our products, but we cannot accept the liability of the costs of supporting a new user. If we were to provide free or very cheap license transfers, the prices of our products would have to be a lot higher, and it does not make sense to inflict this on the vast majority of customers who want to keep using the products and do not intend to resell them.

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