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Geist Expander: Analogue Mayhem

FXpansion is proud to present Analogue Mayhem, a Geist Expander featuring edgy, organic electronic sounds generated almost exclusively with a large analogue modular synthesizer. Its unique character and texture is ready to deploy in Geist's fast and intuitive sample-sequencing environment - insane sequences, deranged SFX bursts, deep basses, lush chord stabs and multi-sampled synthetic drums which use Geist's round-robin, velocity layering and FX treatments for expressive depth and sonic variation.

Anything but vanilla, Analogue Mayhem defies genre categorization and is infused with a refreshing energy and attitude. Its versatile, tasteful material is universally relevant in any music requiring powerful, forward-looking sounds, and begs to be mangled further through Geist's FX and filters or any device capable of loading 24-bit 44.1khz WAV and RX2 files. Producers of dubstep, techno, electro, hip-hop, ambient, drum & bass and other creative modern styles will find Analogue Mayhem a trip to use.

Availability & Pricing
Geist Expander: Analogue Mayhem is a download-only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop!

Pricing is $29.00, €25.00, £22.00 inc VAT

Geist Expander for electronic music
Over 800 WAV samples
Over 180 RX2 loops
5 Full song presets
6 Engine presets
30 Kit presets
71 Pad presets
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