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Geist Expander: Goldbaby Synthetic

FXpansion is proud to present Goldbaby Synthetic, a Geist Expander lovingly crafted from an extensive collection of analogue and digital hardware. It features a diverse collection of drum, percussion and synth one-shots imbued with trademark Goldbaby punch and flavour.

Goldbaby Synthetic's drum and percussion kits are incredibly varied and usable, with stunning sounds programmed from scratch on an array of great-sounding hardware synths - no drum machines were used during the creation of Goldbaby Synthetic! Highlights include heavy slabs of analogue fatness, tuned and experimental percussion, and futuristic digital hits. The synth one-shots provide killer basses, stabs, chords and textures, with many in Akebono and Pentatonic alternative scales, that crave to be processed further with Geist's graphs and FX.

The raw material in Goldbaby Synthetic is coaxed from vintage and modern analogue synths, old FM instruments and vintage 12-bit sample-based keyboards. It is additionally squeezed through esoteric pedals and high-end multi-FX and outboard, with everything recorded through premium AD conversion. The sounds range from creamy to raw and gritty, but always with a tasteful attitude that delivers new dimensions to your music, whatever the style.

Availability & Pricing
Geist Expander: Goldbaby Synthetic is a download-only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop!
Pricing is $29.00, €25.00, £22.00 inc VAT
Geist Expander featuring synthetic drum, percussion and synth samples
Over 1600 WAV samples
Over 50 RX2 loops
Over 120 Geist-format kits
14 full Geist presets
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