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This March is BFD3 Madness - slamming drums at an insane price!

For a limited period, BFD3 is available for the crazy price of $199 (boxed USB version) or $175 (download version). BFD3 gives you stunningly realistic plugin drums with ultra high-detail multichannel kits, a pattern-based drummer that's always in time and diverse ways to tweak and process your way to the ideal drum sound - with a variety of ready-made presets to get you started.

BFD3 boxed USB: $199 / 159 / 129 (save 43% or $150)
BFD3 download: $175 / 135 / 115 (save 50% or $174)

Usual price: $349 / 269 / 229

Sale prices are valid from the webshop and participating dealers between 16th March and 16th April 2015.
Free Shipping

We are currently offering free shipping on the USB version of BFD3 and BFD3 Upgrade, which comes as a USB2 flash drive via mail.

Head to the shop to get your copy now!
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