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BFD Kabuki & Noh Percussion

Sonica and FXpansion are proud to present Kabuki & Noh Percussion: a fascinating collection of authentically played Japanese percussion instruments and noisemakers.

Evoking the emotions and grandeur of the Kabuki stage, the mysteriously profound aesthetic world of Noh theater, and the reverberations of tapped hand drums, Kabuki & Noh Percussion features 56 percussion instruments used in Kabuki and Noh performances. The collection includes a variety of traditional hand drums, pitched drums, bells, gongs and music boxes alongside Noh flute and authentic vocal motifs. Also included are the ashibyoshi foot beats and tsukeuchi sound-effect clappers crucial to Kabuki performance.

Played by master traditional Japanese percussionist Takinojo Mochizuki with alternating left/right hits at up to 99 velocity layers, Kabuki & Noh Percussion is recorded in stunning detail by well-preserved vintage mics and Neve preamps. Recordings took place in an anechoic room similar to the bamboo-curtained orchestra room in a Kabuki theater. Reverb can be added as needed - the recordings preserve the true character of the instruments' sound. Kabuki & Noh Percussion comes complete with 160 grooves that give you instant access to real nagauta and Noh performance rhythm patterns.

Availability & Pricing
Kabuki & Noh Percussion is available now from the FXpansion web shop, and as a physical package in all good music retailers in Japan. For more information on the boxed product, please visit the Sonica Website

Pricing is $149.00, €109.00, £95.00 inc VAT
Kabuki & Noh expansion pack for BFD2, BFD Eco and BFD Eco DV
56 authentic Japanese percussion instruments, vocal calls and more
Recorded in painstaking detail with vintage mics and premium preamps
Includes 156 Grooves
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