DCAM ChanComp: Rack Extension for Reason

FXpansion is proud to present DCAM ChanComp, a circuit-modelled channel compressor based on a legendary FET-based limiting amplifier design. DCAM ChanComp features a very fast attack response and is usually intended to be applied to individual elements of many kinds, especially drums, bass and vocals.

DCAM ChanComp provides the same simple, effective controls and compression ratios as the revered original studio classic, including the infamous 'all-buttons' mode. It also allows you to dial between multiple models of different hardware revisions with the continuous Bias control for a variety of compression flavours.

Other additions include a wet/dry mix control for instant parallel compression and a CV output so you can use DCAM ChanComp's gain reduction circuit as an envelope follower to modulate other devices within your Reason project.

Availability & Pricing

DCAM ChanComp is available as a download-only product from the Propellerhead Online Shop
Pricing is USD $29.00, EUR €25.00 inc VAT where applicable.
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