Bloom: creative delay and diffusion effect

Bloom is a creative delay effect plugin for new textures and spaces in your productions. Its 3 switchable delay models and lush diffusion reverb are combined with frequency shifting, chorus and other processing blocks while the varied routings and advanced TransMod modulation provide vast sound design potential.

At Bloom's core is a stereo delay line switchable between analogue BBD, tape and digital models. The diffusor is switchable between 3 possible positions in the signal path. Varied routings are also available for the additional effect section containing filtering, chorus, frequency shifting, overdrive, saturation, EQ and envelope-shaping, making it easy to explore a variety of creative effects especially when combined with modulation. Other highlights include reverse and ping-pong modes, free or synced delay times, a freeze function and adjustable smoothing for delay time changes.

Availability & Pricing

Bloom is available as a download-only product from the FXpansion web shop!
Pricing is $99.00, €79.00, £69.00 inc VAT
Demo: Win / OSX

Install Guide: Web / PDF

Manual: Web / PDF
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