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The VST to AudioUnit Adapter for Mac OSX is a highly-integrated plug-in wrapper that allows users of AudioUnit-compatible applications* to integrate VST plug-ins and instruments seamlessly into their working environment.

VST to AU Adapter v2.0 seamlessly and transparently converts your VST plug-ins to Apple Audio Units, and offers full compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS X and the VST and AU specifications.

The adapter uses virtually no CPU power or memory and makes a vast range of free and commercial VST plug-ins (over 1,000 available at the last count) available directly within your Audio Units host applications, exactly as if they were native AU plug-ins. It's incredibly easy to use, and available as an instant download from our on-line store.

New in version 2.0:-

  • Support for Intel-based Macs (Universal Binary VSTs only)

  • Plug-in manager allows you to selectively wrap individual plug-ins, rename your plug-ins etc.

  • Compatible with all the latest VST plug-ins and AU hosts

  • Improved performance and stability

Pricing is USD $99.00, Euro €75.00, GBP £65.00 inc VAT where applicable
Users of VST to AU Adapter v1.xx can upgrade to v2.0 for USD $49.00, Euro €38.00, GBP £33.00 inc VAT where applicable
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Seamlessly wraps VST plugins into AudioUnits
Negligible CPU power required
Very easy to use
Supports Logic 7 and other AU-compatible applications
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