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Strobe Details
Strobe - performance synth with a cutting modern edge

Designed to be as easy to program and satisfying to play as an analogue monosynth, Strobe also adds polyphony, osc-stacking, a versatile multimode filter and deep modulation to create a modern classic. Strobe specializes in no-nonsense analogue-style leads, sick basses and complex pads.

Strobe's design is motivated by the immediacy and simplicity of classic performance synths like the Roland SH101 and SH-09, Oberheim OB-1 and Yamaha CS-10. Such synths are not overly endowed with complex controls - as a result it's difficult to make a bad sound with them and they beg to be played! Similarly, Strobe features a relatively simple architecture, allowing you to program great sounds quickly so that you can get on with making music with them!

Osc section
While Strobe has a single oscillator, it's a very flexible and powerful oscillator. Saw, pulse and noise waveforms can be freely mixed alongside sine, triangle, saw and pulse sub-oscillators. You can set each sub-osc up to 3 octaves below the main waveforms, and adjust the pulse width of both the main and sub pulse waveforms. You can also sync the osc pitch to the lowest sub-osc. The osc-stacking feature lets you layer up to 5 copies of the osc and detune them to achieve thick multi-osc tones without using entire unison voices.

Filter and Amp sections
Strobe's filter is capable of delivering an extremely wide range of timbres, due to its plethora of filter curves and rich modelled drive circuit for extra-thick tone. As with the other instruments in DCAM: Synth Squad, the amp section can be overloaded, just like in a real analogue synth.

Arpeggiator and direct modulation
Strobe contains a built-in arpeggiator and a range of modulators with flexible gating options - you can gate envelopes with the LFO, for example. Direct modulation depth controls exist for varying the pitch, pulse width and filter cutoff from LFO, envelope and keytracking sources, allowing you to dial up classic subtractive sounds quickly and efficiently.

Transform your sounds with TransMod
Like the other DCAM synths, Strobe is equipped with the TransMod advanced modulation system, which allows you to modulate almost any parameter with an extensive range of modulation sources. This takes Strobe's potential way beyond that offered by the direct modulation controls on the front panel. Apart from offering a huge range of modulation sources, you can also modulate controls based on active voices and unison voices. Using 2 unison voices and deploying unison modulation instantly turns Strobe into a dual-osc synth, with a filter and amp for each osc!

Strobe is available as part of DCAM: Synth Squad from all good music retailers as well as from our Online Shop
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Strobe Highlights
Next-level analogue-style performance synth
Super-oscillator with osc-stacking
Sub-oscs up to 3 octaves below the main osc
Filter with rich drive and 22 filter modes
Built-in arpeggiator
Advanced TransMod modulation system
Easy to program, begs to be played!
"Strobe is now my goto plug-in synth for getting the sounds I expect from my analog hardware. The filters, osc sync and distortion are amazing and give it its unique sound. " - Josh Gabriel

"My favorite is Strobe - If you bounce down your track twice it will sound different every time!" - Armin van Buuren

"Sonically these are some of the warmest softsynths I've heard, with a very chunky bottom end!! The transmod system is one of the most comprehensive and best-thought-through modulation matrixes I've seen on a VA synth. " - Brookes Brothers

"I love DCAM's Strobe! That thing is PERFECT for basses and leads!" - Shirobon

"DCAM sounds so good that you never have to add fx plugins on it, just dynamics. It's really incredible." - Sandy Vee (Rhianna, David Guetta)

"In a world of hundreds of Soft Synths ,we're still looking for the sound of the old analogue beasts. DCAM is by far the best and most analogue sounding soft synth ever! totally amazing!" - Pablo Clements (Unkle, Psychonauts)

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