BFD JEX Expansion Kit

BFD JEX Expansion Kit features a high-end, custom hand-made kit from XDrum's Xotica line.

The drums feature 6-ply Keller Maple shells with an additional ply of Sapeli Pommele running vertically, resulting in excellent, focused low-end. The finish is hand-applied tung oil, which leads to a very open tone.

What You Get

This download-only BFD2 expansion kit includes the following kit-pieces, all played with sticks, mallets, brushes and rods. The kick drum was hit with both a wood and felt beater.

Custom XDrum 18x22 inch kick
Custom XDrum 8x8 inch tom
Custom XDrum 8x10 inch tom
Custom XDrum 8x12 inch tom
Custom XDrum 14x14 inch tom

You also get a bonus download of a detail-reduced Ludwig Super Sensitive snare from the Jazz & Funk expansion pack.

There are no hihats or cymbals included with this expansion kit.

Equipment used for the recordings
Kick In - Shure Beta 52 / API 3124 preamp
Kick Out - Neumann FET 47 / API 3124 preamp
Kick Resonant - Yamaha Sub Kick / Neve VR console channel preamp
Snare Top - Shure Beta 57A / API 3124 preamp
Snare Bottom - EV N/D457 / API 3124 preamp
Snare Side - Violet Design Flamingo Jr. / ATI 8MX2 preamp
Toms - Violet Design Globe / ATI 8MX2 preamp
Overhead - Matched pairs of Nuemann KM184s or Violet Design Black Knight mics / ATI 8MX2 preamps
Room - Violet Design Globe with protoype omni capsules / Focusrite Red preamps
Amb3 - Nevaton MC404 stereo mic placed in the center of the room / Metric Halo ULN2 preamps

Availability & Pricing

BFD JEX Expansion Kit is a download only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop!

Pricing is USD $50.00, EUR 39.00, GBP 35.00 inc VAT for all registered BFD2 and BFD Eco owners

Special Offer!
BFD JEX is USD $30.00, EUR 23.00, GBP 21.00 inc VAT for all registered BFD2 owners who also have either one or more of the following expansion packs registered to their user account: BFD Jazz & Funk, BFD Percussion, or BFD B.O.M.B

Audio Examples

The audio examples featured all feature the JEX kit-pieces and are all exports of live performances directly from BFD2 in stand alone mode without any extra effects or compression. The flange kit demo is the only exception, with BFD2's Flanger plugin being placed in the main buss.

The additional kit pieces were.

Ludwig Super Sensitive, 14" Sabian Manhattan HHs, 20" Sabian Med Ride, 20" Wuhan China, and 16" Med Crash from BFD Jazz & Funk.

Cowbell and Tambourine from BFD Percussion.
Low-cost expansion kit for BFD2 featuring custom X-Drums kick and toms
Kick recorded with 2 beater types
Toms recorded with sticks, mallets, brushes, hotrods
Kick features Yamaha SubKick mic for extreme low end
Bonus snare from Jazz & Funk (Ludwig SuperSensitive)

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