BFD2 Decatom: expansion kit for BFD2.1

The Toms
We've had a lot of requests for Octobans in BFD format, but we thought “why limit it to just eight drums?” At FXpansion we always go out of our way to provide you with the best of everything!

That's why in this kit there are ten DDrum 'Deccabons' with 6” heads, ranging from 6” to 24” in depth. As a result, not only does the pitch vary across the range, but the collection showcases different timbral qualities as you move through the different sizes.

These drums make the perfect accent drum set. Utilizing the tuning feature in BFD2, you can also play melodies and chords. Also, with the new effects in BFD v2.1, adding some Envelope Shaper and Breverb really make these drums jump out of the mix.

Demo Notes
The demos were played and mixed entirely within BFD v2.1. The other drums in the demos are from the BFD expansion packs Jazz&Funk, Yamaha Oak Custom, Percussion, and B.O.M.B.

Recording Notes
Produced, recorded, played, and edited by John Emrich

Direct Mics – Flaming Wedge (top) and a Sennheiser 421 inside the drum mixed together to one channel.

OH – Nevaton MC404
Room – Violet Globe
Preamps – API 3124

There are no Amb3 channels present in this collection.

Each drum features two articulations: Stick & Mallets.

Availability & Pricing
BFD2 Decatom Expansion Kit is a download only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop!

Pricing is USD $50.00, EUR €39.00, GBP £35.00 inc VAT for all registered BFD2 and BFD Eco owners
10 different toms
Covering over 1 octave
Hit with Sticks & Mallets
Great accent drums
Presets Included

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