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Arranging Songs

Postby blicciardi » Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:58 pm

hi everyone,

i'm new to guru and loving it, but i'm running into a really fundamental problem: arranging a song is really cumbersome! i'd like to create a group of scenes and order them. for example, play part A twice, then go to part B, then back to A, then to C. something like that.

right now, i'm using cubase as a host, running guru as a vst and using a midi track to trigger scene changes in guru. it works, but its a pretty clunky way to arrange a song. if i'm messing around with a song structure and want to add an extra measure or two in the middle of a song, this method involves a bunch cutting, pasting and lining up midi notes just so.

i feel like i must be doing something wrong, that there must be an easier way. ideally, i'd like some sort of graphical interface where i could move/add parts. any ideas?

seems like such an elemental problem...what's the point of creating all these cool beats if you can't arrange them into a song?!

thanks for any help!

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Postby Gridden » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:40 pm

It's my number one complaint with GURU, it's always felt like a creativity killer trying to arrange the song. It's just a pain up the ass fiddling around with piano rolls, remembering which scene/pattern it which part of the song etc. And yes, then changing the song's arrangement becomes a nightmare.
Angus had talked of an arranging feature being added in 1.5 but I get the feeling it's unlikely to appear in the near future.

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Postby blicciardi » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:26 pm

exactly, you nailed it. it kills creativity and flow. songs have beginnings and ends and move from point A to point B! i dont understand why a program like guru wouldnt address such a fundamental need. afterall, the end goal is to compose a song, not an isolated loop.

the irony is that i love guru otherwise. i find it easy to use and very intuitive.

id be curious to hear how others craft songs using guru. maybe im missing something...

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Postby Angus_FX » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:00 pm

The reason GURU doesn't have such a thing is that, given the time and budget for the project, we knew it would be impossible to match the song arrangement tools provided by the hosts, and we figured with GURU's fairly capable pattern/scene snapshot system, people would be happy automating that from the host - we figured it was better to build good snapshot automation and no timeline rather than weaker automation and a poor timeline.

However, in hindsight we see a lot of people want to build entire songs within the plug-in as working on the host/plugin automation boundary for this kind of thing can be somewhat opaque. Which is why BFD2 has a basic timeline arranger built in, and future products can be expected to go further in that direction.
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