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Example bundles in downloadable version of GURU?

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Example bundles in downloadable version of GURU?

Postby Gribs » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:39 pm

I cannot find the example bundles for the downloadable version of GURU. I have the program and all the factory audio content (kits A, B, and C, loops A, B, C, and 3rd party, and hits) downloaded and installed. The only *.GRU files on either of my hard drives are some example kits in the acoustic kits folder. Were the example songs not included with the downloadable version?

I started going through the manual and the "Instant Gratification" part at the beginning suggests trying some of the example bundles. I realize I don't really need them but it would be nice to see and hear them.

Anyone know where to find them? Am I missing something that I should have downloaded (can't find it - currently downloading bonus content though - maybe in there somewhere?).

Edit - Is it appropriate to submit questions like this here or should I contact tech support directly?

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