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Guru template for Remote SL (Standalone)

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Guru template for Remote SL (Standalone)

Postby onervas » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:35 pm

Hi, here's a template I did for Guru in standalone mode so you can do most editing/layering with your remote SL instead of the mouse. It'll work in your host if it supports midi "omni", and it's just something to use up until the automap function will work with Guru properly. The only thing I couldn't get working is scrolling through the FX inserts (gets stuck on comp FF) and the insta-graph. If anybody knows the Midi CC for the slider please post it or update the template if you want. Feel welcome to add things to the template if you want to control more things. I kept it basic to make patterns and drums (layering etc) The basic controls are:

Buttons row 1 controls drum layers (selection, mute, solo, next, prev etc)

Knobs row 1 controls Pad Edit (top row of controls like filter, tune, gain etc)

Buttons row 2 controls View options. (switch between pattern, pad edit, aux fx etc)

Knobs row 2 controls pad Edit (All envelopes and Env Mod)

Sliders controls Sample start/end, Playback options, Fx controls and randomizer (only for current pad, current graph) and finally...

Remote SL's Drum pads controls the browser (preview sounds in context with eachother), Ok, cancel and Switches the pattern keys (C1-B2) between Normal, Chromatic and Velocity. (like 16 levels on an mpc) so you can "play" the drums with different pitch.

The transport buttons work as usual with Guru, and FF/RWD work as COMMIT & UNDO. All keys works like normal except B2 (right next to first pad C3), which works like the Note Repeat while you hold it down. Hope you find it useful! :D
Guru remote SL.rar
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Postby onervas » Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:41 pm

Man I feel stupid... I've totally missed Guru's improved automap setup. Thanks a lot, they great! Could I request a few additions for the future and I'm walking on the moon! Thanks again for the additions!

Next layer
Prev Layer
Edit current layer (latch)
Edit all Layers (latch)

Randomizer (current graph/current pad)
Randomizer Reset

Note repeat
Pattern Keys - Chromatic
Pattern Keys - Velocity
(Pad Chromatic)

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