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Working with two computers / saving kits

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Working with two computers / saving kits

Postby CarlLofgren » Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:41 pm

Hi - I've recently got myself a Macbook and I'm slowly moving over my music creation software to the Apple - but I'm still using my old Dell for production and mastering. I got Guru on both machines.

My question is - what is the best way of sharing drums made with Guru? I have different libraries on the different machines. Usually I create a kit on the Mac and then I load it into my Dell. I tried to save a kit - but nothing really happened. Then I just copied the kit from my Mac and put it in my PC. When Live loads Guru asks me to point to the missing samples - that's all cool but the problem is that it asks me for every damn sample - even though all the samples are in the same folder.

Not fun if you got samples for each pad and as Guru doesn't remember the last used path - it takes some clicking to get back to the right folder.

Someone please tell me I'm doing it the rong way.

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