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bug report: protools 8 hd vs. guru 1.6.2 on leopard

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:51 am
by messiahwannabe
hi guys!

is anyone else getting this problem? i recently upgraded my computer (to mac pro 2.8 ghz 8 core) and pro tools 8.0 (with the very most recent update) and while all my other cpu based plugins are very happy (mostly fxpansion softsynths, but i've also tried those in combination of a zillion waves plugins running as rtas as well). however, when i try to use guru, i get this error message:

"you are running out of cpu power. remove some rtas plugins or increase the cpu usage limit in the playback engine dialog (-9128)"

this seems patently false - guru is usually my starting point for my new tracks, so i'm getting this message when there are NO OTHER INSTRUMENTS RUNNING, ON A TDM SYSTEM WITH A BRAND SPANKING NEW, VERY POWERFUL PROCESSOR (shouted for emphasis). however, the behavior of guru does seem to reflect the error message - if i open up guru, leave it totally blank, and hit play, it will in fact play fine for minutes at a time. and with sounds loaded, it will usually play ok for, oh, 4 measures or so (though not always) before getting the above error message yet again. (and sometimes it'll make it to 8 measures if i just leave it alone with a pattern running and dont try to edit anything) oh, and a quick check reveals that guru runs in standalone 100% fine as far as i can tell.

so i've read all your faqs, done the thing where i delete the plugins and .plist file, uninstalled and reinstalled guru's most recent update, etc. this is frustrating, i use this software for my job and am stuck unable to produce anything (since guru is my only good source of drums, and most of what i do is create beats)

any idea whats going on here?

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 4:21 pm
by Angus_FX
Try setting the # of cores in use on your RTAS engine settings to /one less/ than the number of actual cores on the machine, (i.e. 7 instead of 8), that will likely help. Also please confirm you're running 1.6.12 not 1.6.2 - thanks.