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Weird issue with sound playback quality

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:45 am
by refuuj

i've been using Guru for quite some time now and I just discovered an issue that I can't seem to figure a solution to. When I trigger samples from my midi controller or have midi notes playback directly from my host sequencer the samples sound as they should but if i record into guru's sequencer when the pattern plays back the samples are dull and degraded slightly as if they were being filtered. when I click guru's virtual pads i also get the filtered sound. How can I get rid of this? see chart below for a simple break down of my issue.

Host Ableton 8.0.9
Guru 1.6.12

Triggered live from MPK49 : Sounds are fine
Triggered from Ableton's Sequencer: Sounds are fine

Triggered live from Guru's Virtual Pads: Sounds are degraded, dull and, filtered
Triggered from Guru's Sequencer: Sounds are degraded, dull and, filtered