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Major problem with midi import/export in Logic

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Major problem with midi import/export in Logic

Postby DColls212 » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:14 pm

I've finally come to appreciate how great guru's drag and drop of patterns as midi files is- I realized that using this feature, I can create patterns in guru, throw them into logic's sequencer to manipulate the midi (humanize, etc) and then bring them back into guru. Only it doesn't work right on my computer-

Exporting the midi file via d+d to logic works just fine. All the notes are where they should be and velocities etc are correct. But when I export the midi file from logic and bring it back into guru as a pattern, it's totally off. It's like some notes have been transposed (say, pad 5's pattern is now on pad 12, or some have even been dropped entirely). What is going on?

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