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Can't install 1.6 on winXP

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Can't install 1.6 on winXP

Postby Zapf » Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:38 am

I've had Guru for about two weeks. I'm happily running 1.5.1 and everything's fine... but I was never able to get the current 1.6.5 to install, which is a bummer because it supports midi out in Pro Tools which would be useful for me.

I tried a couple times to install 1.6 a few weeks ago, and I just tried it again, and it doesn't work. I've downloaded the file anew every time, so I don't see why it would be corrupted, especially when 1.5.1, and the demo-which was 1.5.9-weren't corrupted.

The symptom is that when the installer is double clicked, nothing happens, but if you look at the windows task manager, it says that Guru.exe is running. But there is nothing visible, and nothing changes.

I noticed, looking at the 1.6 readme, that there is a 1.6.3 version, that has the PT midi out capability... and I wondered if I might try that? Could you arrange for me to get the 1.6.3 installer?


btw, I'm on WinXp Pro SP3. The computer is an Intel quad. It's super clean, tweaked, music only, offline, etc.

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