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Guru Multi Timbral / Multi Out Template for Logic 9

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Guru Multi Timbral / Multi Out Template for Logic 9

Postby ICN » Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:09 am


I've made a Template for Logic 9 for Guru. Hopefully it'll take the donkey work out of it for y'all :D

All 8 Engines have their own Midi Channel for you to Drag & Drop the Patterns onto.

All 8 Engines have their own Outs which also have a corresponding channel in the Mixer & arrange.

Theres a read me & screenshots in it with a load of boring stuff that I wont go into here.

Its a little too big to be attached here, so heres the link. ICN

If it doesnt work in the future whenever you find this, message me & I'll get it to you.

Theres a Ultrabeat that has been reset to blank & velocity sensitive in there too, along with some extra grooves.

Its only Mac unfortunately.. so its no use on Windows Guys :(

If anyone has any problems let me know. I'll probably be lost, but I hope it works for you! LOL :D 8)



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Need help

Postby WilDFire » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:38 pm

Thanks for posting this template ICN. I'm using Logic 8, but I think I could make it work.

There is a problem though. When I load the project, it cannot find the silent.wav audio file, so the routings are not saved as you mention in your readme. I know this sounds silly, but what could I do to save the silent.wav file so your beautiful template will work? Could you post it and tell me which file to put it in so it will save?

Another question about routing all 8 engines to their own output. Can each engine have 16 separate aux channels too? I don't see any additional auxes for any engines when the template loads, even after I unhide tracks. Granted, this could be due to guru not seeing the silent.wav.

I guess I'm asking that if your template is as I hope it will be when working correctly, all 8 engines will have 16 separate auxs so I can mix/modulate/add plugins in logic to each pad? I know 16x8 = 128 separate auxs, which I clearly will not need, but it would be awesome to have 2-3 engines with 16 pads routed to their own channels. That would make drum programming and mixing so easy.

Thanks again for your help!

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