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Clarification, empty folders, example bundles folder

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Clarification, empty folders, example bundles folder

Postby neptuneway » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:25 am


I just bought Guru, been reading the manual and experimenting and that and have 3 queries.

Right at the beginning of the manual, it says 'Hit the Load button on the GURU toolbar and navigate to the ‘Example Bundles’ folder within the Guru data folder. I'm at the Guru Data folder though there is no folder called Example Bundle here?


I noticed that when I click Patterns or Kits you are presented with the folders Claps, Cymbals, FX, Hats, Kicks etc. Though when I click on these folders they seem to be empty? Is it because I haven't downloaded the grooves from the website, though then again it says they are bonus grooves.

Any advice would help a lot


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Postby giusmex » Sun Sep 05, 2010 9:13 am

yes you also have to download the kits,hits, grooves, patterns, etc et from this site

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