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please help

Postby alwaysrecording » Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:07 pm

I'm just beginning with guru and bfd2…I pretty much understand how to play around with the controls and make beats sound the way I want…but I'm having a problem figuring out how to start building an entire track for a song within my host which is logic pro 8…what's the best way to get my beats into logic? when I use guru as a plugin it plays when I click the play button in logic but doesn't seem to be recording to the track…and also it's just a repeating loop, I want to do an entire song and I just can't figure out how to start building my track…do I have to build it piece by piece and drag it into logic? or can I program the entire song into guru and drag that into logic? I just can't figure this part out…please somebody help…FXpansion should really get some tutorial dvds happening for us newbies…I've looked at the manual quite a bit as well and I can't find out what I need to know there either...

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Postby alwaysrecording » Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:39 pm

come on…somebody help me out here…or give me a link to something that will answer my question please…I would really appreciate it...

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Postby Faddicted » Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:57 pm

hi first check the "GURU_1.5_MIDI_implementation" pdf you will find lots of tips in it
you can trigger Engine patterns to your keyboard and play..or you can make "scenes" for building arrangements ..

working with guru
its its depend what you want to do and to your host actually
i dont know logic
but one example :
look to the patterns ( on pattern window) they are all Sync mode by default
( thats why they play when you press play in your host)
change to the trigger , shot or gate mode and try it with your keyboard
with this way you can build your patterns and play + record..
one more thing you can drag pattern midis from guru to host channels ( see the capture )

and ofc youtube
not so many but ... +guru&aq=f

have fun
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