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Postby patrickmanresa » Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:43 am

I am on a mac os x 10.5.8 and recently purchased Guru. Although I feel stupid for asking I need some help. After logging in and clicking the "Click here for available downloads!" link I started to download the most recent 1.6.12 version. After downloading, I went through the necessary steps for authorization (with the email code provided) and have authorized my copy of Guru. However, I have no audio samples, no manual, etc. and therefore have no functionality out of the program. Upon closer look, I've realized I may have just downloaded an update without the associated audio content but am still not clear how to grab the official copy of the program I purchased with all of the audio content loops, kits, etc. and manual. Can anyone please help a newbie with the correct download procedure step by step as I seem to have missed the boat BIG time :) Thanks so much.

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Postby Rory_FX » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:22 am

Hi Patrick,

Head back to the Downloads page and grab everything under the header "Product audio content". This will give you all presets and audio content. You can also grab the bonus stuff if you wish.

For manuals, look to the right of the Downloads page. You'll need the Guru manual, the 1.5 what's new manual and possibly the midi implementation manual. Be warned some of the info in the original Guru manual is a little out of date. If you have any other questions, just post away here :)

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