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help with guru cm activation

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help with guru cm activation

Postby slk » Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:52 pm

hiya first off i have registerd guru cm on my studio pc,yet i still cant seem to use it??
I have noticed the autherization request with the liecence manager but i dnt have the net hooked up to my studio and would like any help if possable to get the working cos it looks phatt,any help would be great right now.


ps im using window vista ty

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guru cm

Postby denisd » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:57 pm

What you have to do is run the cm from the disk then go back to the guru folder and there is a specific file that says license manager. Double click that then it will open the license manager and you can put your activation key there. Do not try to do that through the guru gui.

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