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Guru to Logic - Importing MIDI problem

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Guru to Logic - Importing MIDI problem

Postby VSide » Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:24 pm

Hello everyone!

I realize this question might sound dull to some of you, but i'm having quite a problem solving it. I'm using logic as my DAW, and i've installed Guru as well. Here's the thing:

1) Select a pattern in Guru & make my own groove. (Kick & Snare on Engine 1)
2) Select Engine 2 and make another groove (Open hat & closed hat)
3) Select groove from Eng 1 and import it in Logic (Drag & Drop)

Now... let's say i just want to hear the groove created in Engine one on that channel strip. Well it doesn't happen!!
In that channel i hear ALL the grooves created (Eng 1 & Eng 2) while all i did was just drag ONE groove in that channel strip. How is this possible?!
How can i import my individual grooves created on an engine without hearing the others overlaying?!


Let's say i make an instrument track and select Guru as plug in. Right i make another instrument track and also select Guru as plug in. On the first one i create a pattern, i clip copy and want to paste in the second instrument track.
When i do that, the midi notes corrisponding to the previous pattern don't show up. I just see Pattern (1) in a small bottom display and an empty screen. No midi activity.
Same goes if i save the pattern and the load it from the second instrument track. Still no midi activity.

I know i'm probably doing something wrong or have to tick some boxes in the options menu, but i've already tried it with no results :(
So all help is appreciated!!! ;) Thank you for ur time!

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Postby Rory_FX » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:59 am

After dragging and dropping to Logic, are you still playing the patterns in Guru? That would explain you still hearing both Engines.

You are right about the copy/paste patterns between instances. It seems to be broken (if we ever supported that, would need to check with Angus). Is there a reason you are using 2 instances? With 8 Engines, you must be using A LOT of drums!

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