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Randomizing patterns and graphs

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Randomizing patterns and graphs

Postby enzocanale » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:44 pm

Hello Angus and all at Fxpansion, i'm a long time Guru user. I'm often using the randomization feature, for samples and patterns.
I also like to generate new patterns randomizing the cutoff, shift, pan graphs, thanks to the clone (random) option...which is a great feature!
Now I'd like to clone to generate these new patterns, randomizing every parameter BUT the pitch. If i'd just randomize everything, then i have to delete the pitch graphs in every pattern....
So is it possible to prevent the graph pitch variations only?

One last thing: is it possible to render all the generated patterns to wav files, all in one go?
Anyway, thanks for this great piece of software.

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