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VSTW instead of VST ??!?

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VSTW instead of VST ??!?

Postby critza » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:11 am

Hello i dont know if this forum is alive, but i have a question.
I downloaded the latest vst to rtas adapter, and i am opening a couple of projects from when U-He Zebra2 didn´t exist as RTAS.
When the plugin was programmed for RTAS i started using that instead.

Now to open the old VST versions i installed the latest build of the Zebra2 and used the wrapper to wrap the VST but in my project all the inactivated synths show up as VSTWZebra2, and i only have an option to open VSTZebra2.
What is this extra W that shows up, and why can´t i open these instruments.

Best regards

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