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Euro Adapter Power Supply DS416Slim

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Euro Adapter Power Supply DS416Slim

Postby sabellaa » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:51 am

I have a DS416Slim I'm taking with me to Europe quickly. The force gracefully (an EDAC divider mole, model # EA1024HR-120) accompanied the snap-fit Australian connector, and I'm wanting to find the European form to use in its place.

I'm mindful that Synology offer a 'Connector 30W Set' including the US/EU/UK/AU connectors and the force gracefully (UPC: 846504009091), however I'd like to keep away from re-purchasing a force flexibly I as of now have.

In the event that anybody with a DS419slim, DS416slim, or DS414slim (all utilization a similar force gracefully) with an Euro provided plug has an extra second, would you be able to perhaps pop that connector off the force flexibly and check if there's a section number stepped inside it some place? The AU one has an arrangement, yet I'm not having subterranean insect karma looking with it (GT-A-T-4-2).

Then again, maybe these connectors cling to a typical standard I'm not mindful of, yet somebody knows its name, and I can look from that point.

Much appreciated!

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