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license manager not responding

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license manager not responding

Postby natcamp10 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:02 am

He all
Running windows 7 64 home prem on a acer laptop core i5 cpu 8gb ram.
Just purchased Tremor and dCAm syth squad and went to install and aurthorise to find the license manager will not load {just coming up with will not respond]. I have bfd2 and 3 registered for some time now but recently just regiester geist cm edition {within the last week}
i have tried updating the the license manager and made sure my windows firewall is not blocking the license mamager , problems still occuring
i went to uninstall the licenses manager so i can reinstall again but the unistall program is telling me its missing the exe. file
window has not updated my system as it is turn off
i have logged a SUPPORT TICKET
anyone got any suggestions i could try. :(

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