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Bought BFD 2 Upgrade and BFD3 Upgrade Today

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Bought BFD 2 Upgrade and BFD3 Upgrade Today

Postby es335Dot » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:50 am

I got a problem.
I purchased, registered and did everything legally back in around 2005 on the FXpansion website, when I bought BFD and the XFL packs from Sam Ash Music here in Florida. Life got in the way and I never really got to use it or learn it or anything with it for that matter. A couple computers have melted since that time and I am now on a Windows 7, 32bit system with 4 Gb ram and a pretty good processor.
3 hard drives ... one for OS and stuff, one for BDF 1.5.46 exclusively and one for all my songwriting storage/end results.

Since I retired recently, instead of doing a daily 'honey-do' list, I decided I was gonna learn this BFD software and finish a lot of unfinished songs written over the past 15 years. Whilst happily loading my original BFD 1.5.46 (3 different times), I wandered around the net and read somewhere that it WAS NOT compatible with WIN 7. Well sh_t!@#%#!! The standalone worked fine, but nothing would load into my Sonar 7 Producer ... always with an error message about not finding the right folder or something.

Screw it ... I drove down to Sam Ash Music in Tampa and purchased a new BFD2 Upgrade and, as nutz as I can be, I purchased the BFD3 Upgrade also. I figured I'll use that one down the road in the not so distant future.

Even thought BFD1,5,46 was not behaving properly in it's proper folders, I attributed the failures to the lack of compatibility. So, I began loading Disc One of the 5 discs in the BFD2 package.
Disc One finished loading and the 'licensing/registration' screen popped up. Well sh_t .... it asked for my user name and password to register the new product. I haven't used them for probably 10 years so guess what????? I could not continue with my loading. The email and passwords or the computers don't exist anymore.
I sent FXpansion an email regarding this problem but, I don't expect to hear from them for a day of two.

While I got you reading; can I delete all BFD 1.5.46 files and folders once BFD2 is loaded? or, must it remain there for whatever reason? Don't forget, I will be loading BFD3 eventually as learning progresses. Then, will I be keeping BFD2 on the hard drive as well???

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Re: Bought BFD 2 Upgrade and BFD3 Upgrade Today

Postby purtington » Wed May 03, 2017 11:49 am

I meant to answer this at the time but forgot, hopefully you've either figured it out yourself of heard back from support because untill you get your account/pasword and email sorted there's probably not much you, or I can do.

In answer to your other questions, the best way to set BFD1.5 BFD2 and BFD3 is to have all theaudio/data on a seperate drive for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it helps to spread the load of so much data being streamed in real time and so will halp performance when recording in sonar or any DAW.

Secondly, if you get a new computer you can just add the drive with all the BFD audio/data on and point BFD3 to where it is.
BFD3 can use all the kits from BFD1.5 and BFD2 as well as all the grooves so you don't have tyo keep the others but having said that, they don't take up much space.

If you want to uninstall BFD1.5 DO NOT do so until after you have opened up all those sonar projects that used it and swapped ove the drums to BFD3. THis is a long process and there's no real easy way to do it. BFD3 will not just do it automatically so when you get to that stage let us know and we can help you get down to it 8)

Did you contact fxpansion and have they got back to you?


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