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E Drum Opinions

All about how to use edrums with BFD / BFD2

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E Drum Opinions

Postby Rockville » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:13 pm

In my studio I have an acoustic kit which is great but obviously creates a few problems when editing with mic spill etc as most of you will already know. I have been using BFD since the first version and its so easy to edit and get a great sound. I normally use mostly Groovemonkee grooves and tweak them.

Now I want to take it up a level and record e drums. The question is (at last) without spending a fortune on the latest Roland TD 50KV that may not even do what I'm asking for anyway, is there a mid priced e drum kit that will reliably trigger all the BFD3 articulations that are available. I know that articulations vary from kit to kit. I'm kind of hoping that this is an easy one for you experienced e drummers. BTW for the record I'm not a drummer, other people will be doing the playing.

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