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Getting setup on a budget

All about how to use edrums with BFD / BFD2

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Getting setup on a budget

Postby flexieuk » Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:40 pm

Hi All,

So ive just built a studio and come to the decision of electronic or acoustic drums...

My studio and production really supports me going toward electronic and id like to be able to change my sounds easily and its a small space... so... before I do I want to make sure I have the right hardware...

If you were starting out what would you go for hardware wise? Ive seen people buying a module and building their kit - ive read about difficulties using effects 'live' among other stuff but some of these things but some of these posts are old so I want to know where we are at now...

I have not yet got BFD and never used it though read good things...

So if you were getting setup for the first time and wanted a decent setup that is budget 'wise' what would you go for - ease of setup and use is def a pro for me...

Thanks in advance

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