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Queens of The Stone Age Preset

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Queens of The Stone Age Preset

Postby Howard7x » Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:28 pm

I love the sound of the drums on QOTSA songs for the deaf album.
Any idea how I can achieve a similar sound in BFD3?

I know the recording process was obviously pretty complex on that album but even just some tips to get it roughly in the same ballpark would be awesome. Assume they compressed the heck out of the kit? I read a really good thread on another site in whcih Eric Valentine talked about the recording process. Im not looking to to anything too complex here, mainly just that dry compressed sound for the overall kit, not any of the seperate cymbal recording stuff they did on that album.

I have the standard set of kits with no add-ons.

I purchased BFD3 last week and have to say it sounds amazing... looking forward to recording with it.



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