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Install issues on macOS Sierra (10.12) (Resolved)

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Re: Install issues on macOS Sierra (10.12) (Resolved)

Postby mrniss » Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:46 pm

mark beling wrote:Hi folks at Fxpansion...trying to load BFD 2 Data , also get the >fis error.....Why havent you guys got this issue sorted yet?

RESOLVED IS A LIE, this still gives an error on sierra.

someone probably posted this already but, i did the install this way:

make a folder somewhere called "fxcares" (or whatever), and inside it make a folder called "Installer"

copy the actual installation app right into /fxcares

use finder>go to folder to get to "/Volumes/BFD2 Data Installer/Installer" and copy the entire thing into your new fxcares/installer folder.

then go into fxcares/installer/ and rename "BFD2 data installer.fis" to "InstallScript.fis".

go back and run the installer app from /fxcares

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