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License Manager Downloads are SLOW...impossible

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Bill Daggett
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License Manager Downloads are SLOW...impossible

Postby Bill Daggett » Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:46 am

Greetings All,

I hate to gripe on a first post but I am seriously frustrated with my inability to download the BFD3 Core Library which leaves a large number of drums inaccessible.

License Manager will run at close to "line speed" (3 mbs) for an hour or so then drop off to 8 to 20kbs which is a snails pace. I have been trying to get the BFD Core Library for a week. It's obviously License Manager related because I can restart it and the full speed comes back for a while then drops again. Unfortunately the 88% progress drops back to 29% for some reason and the frustrating wait for imminent failure starts all over. This is ridiculous! I have read the forums and aware of others experiencing similar issues. I tried leaving my DAW looping to keep the computer awake (although I was smart enough to already adjust my power settings before attempting to download a file that takes 22 hours).

My internet is healthy and shows a steady 2.5-3 Mbs speed on various speed test. When License Manager goes into "snail mode" I still have a solid connection and speed tests pass with no issues. I have 60GB free on the drive I am downloading to. I have over 8 GB of RAM free on my 2 week old I7 workstation. There is no reason other than throttling from the download host or a License Manager bug that can cause this.

I'm an engineer and use computers extensively so I believe I have checked all the obvious things...although I may be missing something.

So how do I get the software I paid for? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: License Manager Downloads are SLOW...impossible

Postby purtington » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:08 pm

Hi Bill

I'd like to think it might be something as simple as the licence manager and it might be worth making sure you have the most recent version and then perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling just to see if that has any effect.

2.5-3 Mbs speed is very slow but as much as I hate to boast I'm on a 200mb connection. Last time I downloaded the core library it was
close to 4 hours on 200mb so at your connection speed I'd expect it to take a few days as the core library installer is 39GB in size.

I don't normally download files anywhere near that size so it's impossible for me to compare it with other sites where I have had cause to download files of a similar size because I haven't but I know quite a few people have complained that the fxpansion site is a lot slower.
FXpansion were using amazon servers which were claimed to be the fastest on the net so they seemed quite puzzled by the complaints.

I think people with severely slow download speeds such as yourself should perhaps be sent the usb version instead but I'd be interested to know what speed you would get from other site when downloading files of a comparable size.


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