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Cypher: Two Oscs played independently for duophony

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Cypher: Two Oscs played independently for duophony

Postby mta » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:31 am

Hi all,

I was messing around with Oddity2 today and while I dig many things about it, I am not a fan of the UI (wayyyy too small text and it feels very, very cluttered) and it got me thinking about how much of the behavior of the Odyssey might be mimicked in Cypher.

Unfortunately, I realized that a major aspect of playing on an Odyssey (disclaimer: never actually touched one) is the interesting version of duophony where you can have two oscillators play for a single note event, or, when playing the second note event simultaneously, Osc2 will move to that pitch (at least, I think that's what's going on.) With Cypher, it would seem that if you have two Oscs going and 2 voices it's always going to play both Oscs per voice / note event (effectively playing 4 Oscs at once, if I am not mistaken?)

Can anyone let me know if there are any cool features I have overlooked that would allow me to mimic the behavior I am describing? The kind of separation of oscillators across both note pitches during duophony is actually very cool and musical, so it would be a neat trick up Cypher's sleeve.

PS, really liking the Strobe 2 GUI. Transmod and the CC mapping have always been great, but some of the new UI touches make me feel like Synth Squad is definitely converging on being a software instrument you can interact with and read quickly vs being a mere "softsynth" that is loaded while you scroll through some presets like it's some kind of museum piece or tech demo.

PPS, Is Cypher2 next, or Amber2?


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Postby Angus_FX » Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:34 pm


Cypher2 is next. If you look in the Strobe2 forum there's an early screen shot.

I don't think that kind of duophony is possible in Cypher v1 (each note gets routed to a voice, each voice has three oscillators, and I don't know of any way to subvert that mechanism).

However, I've just (thanks to your post) figured out a neat way to accommodate it via TransMod in v2 - effectively using the second voice as a modulation source to bend the pitch of osc. 2 or 3.

Thanks for your comments on the UI. Glad to see you get where we're going with it - we think software can be a musical instrument in its own right, and that aping hardware all the way isn't the right approach. Providing controls that look like knobs & have familiar names and layouts is a way for people to transfer their knowledge and learning from hardware or other softsynths, but beyond that we see it as a pure software thing.
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Postby mta » Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:05 am

Thank you for looking into this, especially at 9 in the evening on a Sunday! I do think this would be a valuable addition. Due to the Korg Odyssey reissue, I think that style of playing could possibly re-enter into the "zeitgeist."

With respect to the new Strobe UI: what I think is really fantastic is the real-time modulation animation on the outer modulation "scrub" arc / meter. That is very clever and makes it very easy to visualize! I also like that in the transmod tiles you can see stuff like LFOs, etc with the - - - - animations. That is a really interactive and intuitive way of representing the modulation cycle / event "clock," while the scrub animation helps you visualize the depth as it occurs over the event.

All the Synth Squad synths are actually semi-modulars at heart, and I think those two UX additions really help one to engage with all the routing in a way that is quite synergistic as you have both the sound, as well as multiple dimensions of visual feedback.

Also, thanks for what appears to be additional ring mod FXs. I'll be sure to check out the screen shots and look forward to the Cyper2 demo!


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