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Less than convinced

Support for BFD Eco Acoustic Drum Module

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Less than convinced

Postby xxGriff » Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:10 am

I purchased BFD Eco to use at home in my studio. I recently had to build a new system due to hardware failure. Installed Windows 10 0 Pro x64 same as I was running on previous. Installed ProTools, then installed BFD Eco. License manager opened I entered my key and went thru prompts to authorize. Message "something went wrong..." Needless to say I am stuck and not happy. I opened support ticket and then saw up to 2 weeks to get a reply?! I had planned to upgrade my Eco to BFD3 as when it was working it suited my needs. However, this "support" leave much to.be desired. While I can understand some wait, this waiting period I am being asked to accept is not. Acceptable. I installed.eco.once, authorized and then my storage died (never installed on another system) I have no recourse but wait and, while eco may be economy, it was my method of evaluating prior to buying ur newest application. This should not be this convoluted. Nor, should it take the time periods proposed.

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Re: Less than convinced

Postby xPilgrimx » Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:04 am

yeah, disregard. I am going another direction for my drums/instruments. there is no support from fxpansion and I am not going to spend more $$ with them/you. i will simply eat the purchase of "Eco" as a lesson learned.

Thanks for not much.

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