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Geist and MPC Renaissance

Postby f.friction » Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:41 pm

So far it is working on both Mac and PC.
But know where near the Maschine workflow.
Using as a plugin on the REN you are allowed one midi channel. When you set the midi channel to 10 while using Geist as a plugin you are able to control the pads. Drum pads A-D and with the Ren flip E-H controls the the different engines.
Renaissance buttons do not switch the virtual engine image. You must make sure to initiate both MPC and Geist software.
When using Geist this way some basic controls are mapped to the q-links (vol/pan etc).

The Renaissance can use Geist as a plugin while using a DAW ( I am using Reaper). Disadvantage with Renaissance is the routing. You are only able to send audio out of Geist to Master.. 1/2 inputs on MPC software.

Have not figured out how to use Spitter to get audio in. Drag and drop works. Browsers within the MPC to load into the plugin did not work as of yet... More test..

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