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Geist does not do Time Signatures

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Geist does not do Time Signatures

Postby BuleriaChk » Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:54 pm

This will be my final post on the topic, but it is important that prospective users understand this.

Much of today's music is in duple meter (2/4 or 4/4), which is extremely limiting to professional musicians worldwide.
Geist only "knows about" duple meter, or 4/4 time, because it characterizes everything in steps, and sets tempo (bpm) to the quarter note.

This means that one can construct 24 step sequences in 1/16 notes that can sync only if one is using a phrasing of three measures of 4/4 time. However, 3/4 meter implies 4 measures of 3/4 time, which has the same step count, but will not be synchronized in tempo with a sampled audio loop.

(If one is working solely in MIDI, it doesn't matter -even in vst format, the 24 steps will sync with the host, so one can (e.g.) instance Geist in a host like Live 9 (which does implement time signatures), and do the audio editing/loop creation in Live 9 (which now has an audio-midi feature, but without a number of neat Geist tools....)

It is the reason I rejected Guru, and was overjoyed at the opportunity to sign on at an attractive price; unfortunately, I forgot to check on this "gotcha". I can only hope that Geist will implement time signatures; it is a shame that a musical tool of this power should be so instrumental in focusing effort on 4/4 time and ignoring the wide world of music using other meters.

Finally, I do think that FXpansion should warn prospective purchasers sbout this "gotcha", especially since they are offering it as a VST to be used in DAWs that do have time signature capability. When I purchased Geist it was with a view to using it with Live and transferring files back and forth while using Geist as a loop creation tool and Live as a performance tool, and so assumed that Geist handled TS in the same way as Live (or any other DAW)......
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Postby wasoota » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:47 pm

Yeah, no time signatures, especially no odd time signatures, is a big one for me too and the main reason I avoid the built in pattern editor. For a dedicated drum machine that's really sub-par and it sadly drags everything else down with it when you do need it. Besides, it doesn't make sense to arrange your entire workflow around a tool that will hit a brick wall when you want 5/4.

Like you, I just assumed it was state of the art and never wondered about the functionality being in there. Geist is truly fantastic and so well thought out otherwise, I'm really flabbergasted. It's not just a shortcoming (or a missing feature), it an absolute deal breaker when it's needed.

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