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Can/will Geist be used as a faux MIDI controller?

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Can/will Geist be used as a faux MIDI controller?

Postby mettelus » Tue May 26, 2015 12:12 am

Recently, I have been delving more deeply into "enabling MIDI output" on Geist. Some cases successful, others atrocious (depending on application and host actually).

Ultimately, what I would like to do is be able to use the pads by engine/channel to send MIDI events "wherever." As a composition tool this would be the ultimate for me (guitar player who easily gets lost in MIDI).

I happened upon this comment referring to VST3 and MIDI output from a specific VST which leads me to believe that only one channel is accepted as output by a VST2 (which I honestly have NO CLUE about).

I am not sure if "VST3" is the answer, but in SONAR I can route Geist's MIDI output directly to another VST. This has caused strange issues/crashes. In Studio One v3 (demo), a third instrument track is required to achieve this. S1 did pick up an "illegal action" from Geist, but didn't crash on me, although I am stepping back at this point to try to understand this better.

Is the ability to use all of Geist's MIDI to drive other things achievable currently? Perhaps the "Enable MIDI Output" on a VST just caught my eye, and I am barking up the wrong tree here, but this ability would make Geist exceptional for certain applications.

The reason this has gotten so much attention from me is that the sequencer/song tab in Geist are highly efficient for sandboxing ideas (and incredibly easy to edit!).

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Re: Can/will Geist be used as a faux MIDI controller?

Postby bassdj » Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:58 pm

I'm trying somehting similar. This is the only thread I found so far regarding the midi output of Geist.

Something cool I did get to work:
Using one engine of Geist and fill all pads with samples except the first one. This pad plays a bassdrum sound which comes from a bassdrumgenerator vst. In ableton live I routed geist to the midi in of another track in ableton which contains the bassdrum vst plugin. This way It's even possible that each pad actually plays another vst. In ableton you can setup a track to only recieve one specific note which helps by setting this up.

The limitation:
I'd like to use all 8 engines of geist and expected to be able to route the different midi channels. In ableton I can choose geist as midi in on a track but I can't specify that it only recieves notes from one midichannel. So the first pad of each engine in geist causes my bassdrum to play. This is a limitation of ableton live or of vst2 as you mentioned. Or I'm missing something which I like to hear because I would love to use the 8 engines playing a combination of samples in Geist itself and other sounds created by other vst plugins.

One more note:
The Geist manual mentions that the midi out is not sample accurate because of the vst specification. (my words may not be exactly right since I read it a while ago). I didn't lookup yet what kind of problems this could cause.

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