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Migrating from MPC5000 back to Geist+controller < Questions!

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Migrating from MPC5000 back to Geist+controller < Questions!

Postby Jwiering » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:36 am

Hi all,

I've been a big fan and user of Geist, till at some point I've decided to go all hardware. Well, after a year or so I've found out that a hybrid setup is actually what works best for me (analog synths/drumcomputers for sounds | sequencing and digital drums with Ableton).

I've used an MPC5000 for my digital drums and I want to go back to using Geist again. Of course the hands on approach of the MPC5000 is something I have fallen in love with. Now I see all these new nice midi-controllers (Maschine, MPD232) and I'm having some questions before daring to migrate back to Geist again (+midi-controller).

- I've seen the templates which are very nice, but I couldn't find if this was possible: on the MPC5000 you have PAD MUTE functions where you can mute and turn-back-on pads on the fly. This is really nice, since I do a lot of live-perfomances and this way I can really manipulate the drums. On the MPC5000 you press the TRACK MUTE button and automatically the drum pads now function as PAD MUTES. With a little knob on the side you can switch between the engines and easily make nice transitions from one drumset/song to another. Is this also possible with the midi-controllers in combination with Geist?

This is really the only thing holding me back from going back to Geist :)

Hope someone can help me! Thanks a lot in advance :D

Kind regards!

Ps. if anyone is interested in why I'm willing to go back to Geist from the MPC: MPC is kinda slow switching between tracks/engines (I work quickly, especially when playing live), lots of menu diving to do what I want to with it, memory is getting full, picking samples isn't quick enough to make kits quickly.

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