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Hard drive to Micro SDXC Card...

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Hard drive to Micro SDXC Card...

Postby three_eyed_otter » Thu Jan 21, 2016 4:24 am


I'm wanting to move all of my Geist Data from the hard drive on my laptop to an installed Micro SDXC card...I would be moving all of my expansions, the Geist install, and of course all of my Geist projects, presets, etc. that have been created over the years. Can I do some straight copy/paste procedure & still get normal function from Geist? By normal function I mean: will Geist be able to find my previous projects, presets, factory content, expansions, etc. after having been moved? Or, will I have to create new data paths by saving projects, presets, etc. by opening them in Geist over to the micro sdxc card?

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