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Sampling in Geist (1 or 2)

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Sampling in Geist (1 or 2)

Postby lxworld » Thu Jul 14, 2016 4:58 pm

I've had Geist since I upgraded from GURU 5 years ago and I've never got the Sampler to work. I keep getting the error message "Failed to connect to source" when I select anything other than Resample Master, whether I use the Standalone version or VSTi (in Cubase Pro 8.5). I am trying to sample an old drum machine (threshold recording) and at the moment Geist doesn't appear to receiving an audio in. Is there something you have to activate?

I've tried out the demo of Geist 2 and although I don't get the error message, it still doesn't work. My Audio interface is M-Track Eight. Obviously something I am doing wrong - the Geist 2 manual is somewhat basic and doesn't even mention the Spitter insert mentioned in the YouTube video.

Looking forward to your reply. Sorry for the frustration!

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Re: Sampling in Geist (1 or 2)

Postby Rory_FX » Mon Jul 25, 2016 3:36 pm

The process for working with Spitter2 is as follows:

- in your DAW, insert Spitter2 on the track you want to sample
- add Geist2 to your project
- in the G2 sampler, you should see the Spitter2 at the bottom of the source list (see attached pic)
- play your audio through the Spitter2 channel and you should see the meter in Geist2's sampler showing the incoming audio

Make sure you you're using Spitter2 (not Spitter, that only works with Geist1).

Let us know how you get on.
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