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Hello, I need your help re: GEIST and Tremor

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Hello, I need your help re: GEIST and Tremor

Postby mpresev » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:06 pm

Halo World, happy new year to the people of Earth.

I need your assistance. I bought Geist 1 and Tremor at Audiodeluxe in 2014(March or April). NOw i have a new Macprobook.

when I type my serial number to register I get a "not valid serial"

How can I get my Tremor and Geist again? or do I have to start from scratch and get the GEIST 2? I'm worried that I don't see my GEist registered that I won't get a deal on Geist 2 as I want to update.

I love my GEIST.

Please help. Oh and lasty I bought an expansion pack called "Analog Drums" but I don't see it in my account.. Frankly I want to get 5 expansion packs once I get my Geist up and running


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